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Here are the top technology trends that will have the particular greatest effect on existence next 12 months. If you are a student or a young employee, make sure you are levelling up with the right skills!

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Here are the top technology styles that will have the greatest impact on our lives next year. If you are a student or the young worker, make sure you are levelling up with the right skills!

By Indian Today Web Desk : Technology is omnipresent, impacting lives in all ways possible. The present humanity has been fortunate to witness the overwhelmingly dynamic character of technology- from having to press buttons to dial a number, to possessing voice assistants for getting things done in the blink of an eye.

The recent pandemic significantly defines how technology offers emerged in the past few years. We witnessed a colossal digital transformation of almost everything, from education to business.


Listed below are the top tech developments set to transform our lives in the current future:


The first technology trend that is set to escalate our experiences manifolds — Advanced Digital Transformation.

The digital world is estimated to reach almost $ 6. 8 billion, realising which is insanely astonishing.


The second very hopeful technologies trend arranged to take over our lives is the Internet of Things (IoT). It can be comprehended as a complex network associated with electronic devices that exchanges and communicates different kinds of data and information via the web.

We have been drastically increasing our own use of IoT, quite unknowingly, because of which each person is approximated to be using around 20 IoT devices by the beginning of the 2030s.

A lot of these transformations will be taking place in the upcoming years, which usually means 2023 is established to witness a truly exemplary change in technology.

This IoT revolution will highly automate the daily tasks, save our time and money, and enhance overall quality of life for humanity.

IoT is capable of elevating business efficiency by 25% with cost reductions, improved innovation cycles and higher profitability.


The next year is also set in order to witness the particular rise of immersive technologies such as virtual reality, mixed reality plus augmented reality.

When combined with communications software, these systems will change how humanity sees the world.

Organisations are usually rapidly deploying immersive technology for their customers. We all know how digital reality began to impact existence with magnificent gaming and entertainment innovations.

Now, it shall take on the production and operation processes associated with businesses, plus change the picture of the market forever. We can now visit places inside our mobile phones, quite literally.

Soon, service-providing businesses will utilize the particular might of these technologies to extend the best premium experiences to customers, whilst decreasing hassle and increasing satisfaction rate.

Further, when two technologies are combined, say artificial and virtual reality, wonders can happen with mankind.

The particular face associated with 2023 is going to be a lot different, along with elevated encounters and a lot to praise technology with regard to.

The world awaits a gigantic technological change, that is only expected to better our living experiences on this planet.


– Article by Sami Anand, Assistant Professor and Deputy Dean, Head of Department – Training plus Placement | School associated with Computer Science and Engineering, Lovely Professional University