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Google CEO Sundar Pichai has described the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) as more revolutionary than the particular discovery associated with fire or electricity. According to PwC, it has the potential to contribute $15 trillion in order to the global industry by 2030.

I have worked with countless organizations on their AI strategies; however , companies wanting to capitalize upon AI face significant barriers regarding the skills and resources needed to put it to use. To bridge this gap, many businesses turn to AI consultancies. These experts have the specialized knowledge and experience required to help companies deploy AI to create more intelligent products plus services, improve their internal processes, and ultimately make better use of the data available to them.

One of the most frequently asked questions I get from clients is: can you recommend an AI consulting firm to assist us turn our AI ambitions into practice? So here are my top ten that are generally considered in order to be the best at what they do.


QuantumBlack is the AI consultancy arm of McKinsey, which began as a data and analytics company working in the field associated with Formula One racing. It uses an approach that it describes as Hybrid Intelligence – combining the power of technology plus people to solve problems for clients simply by leveraging machine learning and bespoke tools such while its Brix code-sharing platform.

Boston Consulting Group

As another of the big three management consulting companies, BCG also offers its own practice dedicated to AI and information analytics. To assist its clients with their AI challenges, it employs a number of proprietary AI platforms, including a solution focused on sustainability called CO2.


IBM provides been working in the field of business computing longer than just about anyone else, so they might seem like an ideal partner when it comes to rolling out AI solutions. Its solutions center around enabling companies to use chatbots, computer vision, and in order to drive device learning initiatives from pilots into full-scale operation. The Trustworthy AI initiatives are designed to ensure ethical considerations aren’t overlooked.

Leeway Hertz

A smaller company than those mentioned therefore far, but one that counts worldwide brands including Pepsico, Disney, and Siemens among the clients. Among its accomplishments, it counts assisting Indian food tech company Arya to build the particular first robotic tea maker utilizing AI and internet of things (IoT) technologies.


EY is a global consultancy organization with a presence in 150 countries. Their broad exposure to international company markets makes them perfectly placed to understand the value of AI, as well as other transformative technologies such as robotics and quantum computing, to just about any market.


Infosys has built its own AI consultancy service around the pillars of allowing intelligent enterprise automation, creating new revenue models, plus encouraging honest use associated with AI. This last element is referred to as “responsible AI, ” and the organization says this framework alone can enable its client to increase operating margins by up to 5 percent.

Deeper Insight

The UK-based consultancy that specializes in applying AI, automation, machine learning other advanced analytics processes in order to solving its customers’ data challenges. It does this simply by aligning technology offerings along with business strategies in order to understand how insights can lead to outcomes, as well as unlock value from structured or unstructured data.

DataRoot Labs

Billing itself as an “AI and data science consulting business, ” DataRoot Labs focuses on providing AI-as-a-service to startups on flexible pricing models. With expertise in recommendation systems, natural language processing, and virtual assistant technology, the skillset lies in helping companies understand how AI technologies can overcome their difficulties and how this can be efficiently deployed.


Addepto, headquartered within Poland, offers helped the number of Fortune 500 companies, which includes P& G and Citibank, to develop techniques and set up solutions close to AI technology. It aims to help clients realize the value in the data that they are able to collect plus analyze by drawing out insights that will help them build new business models or streamline existing ones.

Cambridge Consultants

An AI consulting division of Capgemini, Cambridge Consultants has been responsible for AI breakthroughs in a quantity of fields, including self-piloting drones, smart driving assistance, and language translation, since it was first founded in the particular 1960s. This also offers its experience on a consultancy basis to other businesses attempting to take advantage associated with the opportunities offered simply by machine learning.

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