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In recent years, the beauty and grooming sector has seen a drastic change in the way people practice personal care. From simply cleansing the face to tidying the entire body, the personal combing sector offers come a long way.


The Indian beauty and personal care (BPC) market is the 8th largest in the particular world with a total value of $15 billion and is growing at around 10 per cent, as reported by an Euromonitor International Study.

Growth in online awareness, disposable income, shift to organic products, and changing consumer preference are continually boosting the development in the sector. Following are some of the trends that are shaping and brining more value to the individual grooming industry:

The influx of technology fueled by the COVID-19 crisis

It is well-known that cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, IoT, and many more are thriving in the fashion and elegance industry in the last few years. Multiple grooming brands are usually partnering with tech companies which are focused on AI beauty tech with synthetic intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual fact for an immersive experience that allow for increased personalization plus customization. These technologies add a rich layer associated with interaction in order to both online and offline shopping. The new-age brands are immersing themselves with their innovative technologies, older brands, too, are usually re-inventing on their own to cope with the particular changing times doing a commendable job within revolutionizing the beauty business by emphasizing on the particular product development process and investing heavily in advancing the core technology to give the best service to their customers. As more brands focus on these technologies, the particular sector will improve for both consumers and businesses.

Growing consciousness around male grooming

The man grooming market is growing in cities and towns where dwelling men and young boys belong to Gen Z plus millennial categories. With the awareness and zeal within the air, more and more people are shedding their hesitation and accepting beauty, skin care, and private grooming regime with open arms. According to the particular latest ASSOCHAM report, India’s male tidying industry will be set to grow at a good annual growth rate of about 45 per cent.

While Indian native men are known for their own rough plus tough personality, skincare and private grooming have become as important for men, as it is for women. this trend is motivated from the rapid pace associated with innovation from brands particularly outside the core shaving segments, in groups such as skincare, haircare, and facial hair management. India’s men grooming industry is at an inflection point right now. With the increasing penetration of online lifestyle publications plus social media, Indian men are now aware associated with national while well as global manufacturers to make a conscious and calculated choice, about the items they buy. This has made it a good exciting time for businesses to be a player in the men’s grooming industry, because it’s only going to show an upward trend

Safety and hygiene is coming to the particular forefront

With hygiene basics being market staples and renewed focus on cleanliness due to COVID-19, antimicrobial claims are ones to watch as people’s wariness of germs and viruses increases. Recently, The National Medical Commission (NMC) has issued guidelines on aesthetic procedures plus warned that will watching videos on YouTube or other platforms is usually not adequate for training to perform aesthetic procedures like hair transplantation. This is testimony to the fact that the art of combing and personal care has evolved within the true sense and with the particular government of India undertaking such initiatives to spread awareness around the importance of safer solutions and the consumers desire for new, better plus safer products, delivered simply by dynamic and responsible companies will fuel the development of the particular sector plus pave its way for continuous innovation in different areas across the industry.

A shift towards natural and organic products

In the recent times, a significant customer base is refraining from using cosmetics or healthcare items that contain parabens and sulfates. Instead, there is the growing demand for attractiveness products that are naturally sourced, sustainable, eco-friendly, and contain plant-based ingredients. New-age consumers, especially Gen-Z, are increasingly replacing chemical-laden products along with those that will contain more natural ingredients that impart medicinal benefits. While it may take a while for some businesses to catch up, in general, there’s no doubt that will moving in order to more natural products is definitely positive change for the personal care market.

According to a 2022 Assocham report, the particular market size of India’s beauty, cosmetic and grooming market will reach $20 billion by 2025 from the current $6. 5 billion dollars on the back associated with a rise in middle-class disposable incomes and the developing aspirations of people to live the good life and look great. As the particular industry offers come quite a distance from the older avatar as well as the brand new generation will be more aware and conscious – not just to look good but feel good, this change can be to prevail for good.