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As internet culture evolved, some creators leveraged their followings for brand deals or sneak peeks at new releases — essentially turning posting online into a whole career. Tech influencers, or techfluencers, have gained popularity as social media platforms and their algorithms create niche communities with shared interests.  

These niches allow micro-influencers to grow their audiences, and it has changed the way companies plus the corporate world value internet celebrities and social networking posts.  

While beauty and fashion influencers may make headlines, there’s a burgeoning influencer community in business technology, too.  

Influencers can add worth to companies through marketing and brand recognition, but tech frontrunners should also remember that there is value in listening end users, especially when these end users have got millions of followers.

Though most influencers are directed towards consumers, there are many that can provide insight — and entertainment — to enterprise market leaders.

Here are usually six tech influencers whose content is sure in order to entertain, inform or make you think.

Marques Brownlee

Brownlee, known professionally as MKBHD, posts videos reviewing consumer technology, new technology unboxing and building PCs.   Brownlee cohosts Waveform , a weekly podcast about the latest in tech, along with Andrew Manganelli .   He has a window into the homes of millions, and his viewers value his opinions. Brownlee has a subreddit local community that is within the top 5% of all communities on Reddit ranked by size, with over 76, 000 users that discuss their latest content.


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Somi Arian

Arian will be the CEO and founder of InPeak, a tool for learning, networking plus career development for Web3 —she furthermore pushes out content across multiple platforms. Her videos and posts focus on the particular Web3 market, NFTs, other emerging technologies and leadership skills. She also hosts a podcast that discusses the latest industry trends and career advancement strategies with thought commanders in the tech industry.

Dagogo Altraide

Altraide is usually more commonly known upon social systems as ColdFusion TV. With videos ranging from exploring the history of major tech businesses to dissecting the latest tech updates and innovations, ColdFusion’s content is a blend of finance, tech plus business. Altraide also serves a weekly podcast, “ Through the Web , ” which covers technology, innovation and current events related to the internet.  

Allie K. Miller

Miller is definitely a prolific writer on LinkedIn and was named as one of LinkedIn’s Top Voices in Technology & Innovation in 2019, 2020 plus 2021. Her posts consist of news upon AI, insights, job advice and hiring. On TikTok, Miller gives viewers technologies productivity hacks, at-home automation ideas and tutorials.  

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Lavinia D. Osbourne

Osbourne is a Web3 specialist, consultant and thought leader. The girl founded Women in Blockchain Talks, the networking plus educational platform that highlights women in the blockchain ecosystem. The lady won the Women in Technology 100 award in 2021 and was named as one of LinkedIn’s Best Voices inside Technology & Innovation in 2021. The girl LinkedIn articles cover business events and her efforts to bring more women in to tech plus the blockchain realm.

Grace Lee

Lee, also recognized as Dr . Grace Shelter online, does not create tech specific content material, but she does concentrate on executive career empowerment and executive coaching. Her video clips provide audiences with strategies to help team members reach their own full potential, advice on leading teams through economic turmoil plus tips for delivering presentations in order to other C-suite members. Lee also offers “ Career Revisionist , ” a podcasting focused upon building a fulfilling career.