Top 100 Tech Trends in September – Trend Hunter

This list of technology trends in September 2022 reflects the demand for products that make life easier. As consumers return to everyday life post-pandemic, there is significant attention being cast on innovations that aid the average consumer within their daily lives and make even the easiest tasks much simpler.

In particular, the Phillips ‘Hue Tap Switch’ is a new smart lighting control unit that allows users to control lights in up to three rooms using a dial that can change brightness. This product makes home lighting accessible and easy to adjust for everyone in the particular home.

Another innovative item for this month is the ‘The Hair Lab’ by Strands, a customized hair care test that analyzes hair in real-time and tailors products to the consumer based on their tresses needs. Consumers can read upward on their hair texture, scalp condition, and even their geographical environment.