Top 100 Tech Trends in October – Trend Hunter

For businesses, the October 2022 tech trends include a range of new developments in hardware and software, many of which are being influenced by the pressures of Big Data dependence, the need for sustainability-focused solutions, and the shift toward omnichannel business strategies.

Overall, this collection of trends is undoubtedly eclectic and wide-ranging, especially from a business standpoint. However , from a consumer perspective, it did appear present one recurring theme that is worth noting: artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly commonplace plus practical. With regard to example, WOMBO AI launched an artificial intelligence-driven art app called ‘WOMBO Dream, ‘ which is able to produce one-of-a-kind artworks and paintings based on just a handful associated with user inputs. Similarly, the particular privacy-first search engine You. com announced the launch of ‘YouWrite, ‘ an all-new writing assistant tool that uses Open AI’s powerful GPT-3 AI language system to create human-quality writing from scratch.