Top 100 Tech Trends in November – Trend Hunter

This list of technology trends in November 2022 highlights the increasing demand for tech products that conform to the unique nuances of each individual’s everyday life, whether that’s through health-based products, gaming and PC peripherals, or retail shopping and social media.

One notable contribution is the ‘FITTO’ Training Improvement system, which allows athletes to track muscle growth and workout progress. The program uses eight wavelength NIR LEDs in order to calculate a number associated with metrics to determine the mass of your muscles. The ratio of muscle mass to fat will indicate the condition of the muscles, and the particular gadget will also enable  targeted scans of certain muscle groups.

On the opposite end associated with the spectrum, in order for buyers and sellers to interact with one another and discover entertainment options, Metamall Group is launching the virtual buying experience in the metaverse. Users will be able to create a digital closet using NFTs and quickly order actual products in order to be delivered to them, according to the concept.