Top 100 Tech Trends in August – Trend Hunter

The August 2022 tech trends consist of a wide range of one-of-a-kind innovations, several of which come in the form associated with boundary-pushing concepts, while others arrive as highly-functional gadgets aimed at improving day-to-day life. Metaverse fashion pop-ups, short-throw laser projectors, wearable air conditioners, and kid-friendly NFT marketplaces are just a handful of the particular exciting tech innovations launched this month.

In spite of the eclectic mix of products, ideas, and developments included within this list, one sector that witnessed a number of notable launches was Web3. Of which a standout example comes from a collaboration between clothing retailer Forever 21 and kid’s toy brand Barbie. Together, these two brands released a fashion collection that bridges the particular gap between the real world and the metaverse. The capsule, which includes a range of both digital plus physical garments, can be shopped virtually at the ‘Forever 21 Shop City’ on Roblox or online at Forever 21’s website.