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Shedding light on a rapidly evolving industry, travel technology company Amadeus has revealed the new and changing developments that will play a part in shaping journey over the particular coming year.

“The world used to predict technology’s impact on travel in an entirely physical way, visualizing ever bigger and faster modes of transport, ” said Daniel Batchelor, vice president, global corporate marketing, communications and social responsibility for Amadeus. “The future is now here, plus it looks very different. People want to reduce their effect on the planet while putting human relationships and wider society first. ”


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“In this exciting new reality, technology is enabling us to reach these goals. The particular metaverse, biometrics and traveler expectations from the traveling industry are combining to shift the landscape rapidly. It will be an incredibly fascinating time for the industry, ” he added.

Exploring the metaverse, new biometric possibilities, the ability to work through anywhere, traveling light, and more business bonding opportunities are all predicted in order to transform the particular travel business in 2023.

According to Amadeus, the metaverse, a new kind associated with travel agent will take tourist engagement to a new level. It’s vacation but not as we know it. Travelers will certainly be able to enjoy deeper cultural experiences within an online virtual world along with the opportunity to “try before you buy. ”

Though biometric payments via ApplePay and GooglePay are usually mainstream with regard to retail plus travel payments, the company predicts travel may take these types of payments to the next level. Paying for train tickets, upgrading in order to business class, in-flight meals and late hotel checkouts will use more convenient and secure touchless payment solutions.

Traveling Light is usually another trend that offers emerged as travelers become more conscious of their carbon footprint and are no longer into the status symbols of designer luggage. Hotels plus resorts will make this easier regarding travelers to slim down their suitcases by offering to rent more bulky items such as sports equipment and exercise gear at the particular destination.

The “working from roam” trend may see remote workers experiencing a more nomadic lifestyle as more corporations formalize their “work from anywhere” policies. The continued rise associated with countries encouraging digital nomads through visas and incentives will create easier options for those looking in order to spend the month abroad.

Amadeus also identified that business travel is back but with a difference. The newest trend of “bonding business breaks” is bringing corporate teams together to bond, collaborate, and strengthen relationships away from the office.