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Spiceworks Ziff Davis anticipates that 66 percent of Mexican will supplement their IT budgets in 2022 to boost their competitive edge and venture into new technologies compared in order to 70 percent of businesses in with the same idea. The organization has also gathered statistics regarding why companies inside Latin America have opted to increase their own IT budgets. For instance:

  • Increased security concerns have made 25 percent of Mexican organizations boost their THIS budgets compared to 37 % of all companies in Latin The united states.
  • 23 percent of the total companies surveyed in Latina America cited that currency fluctuations made them decide to increase their IT budgets as compared to 18 percent associated with businesses within which arrived at the same decision.

Let’s discuss the -related ones.

Artificial intelligence

AI has been one of the backbones of modern technologies. It’s linked to the term “smart” while referring in order to gadgets such as smartphones, smart cars and smart toilets. Multiple electronic gadget manufacturing companies in Mexico are currently using AI algorithms to create advanced smart products to make them more easier-to-use. Furthermore, software program development companies are adding AI to their computers to help reduce the failure rate, increase development speed, provide accurate cost and timeline estimates for the software plus strategic management.

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Democratization of data and technology

Multiple software development organizations have been under pressure and utilized a lot of labor expenses to hire top-notch IT programmers to code for new software. In 2022, it is estimated that IT businesses in Mexico will head to using AI and IoT infrastructure without owning copyrights to any proprietary piece of cognitive code or server. It will help reduce coding costs plus speed up the software advancement processes. Inadequate programming knowledge or understanding of data structures won’t be a barrier anymore if you implement this world-changing idea of no-code interfaces into your company.


With lockdown regulations leading to the particular closure associated with companies in Mexico, most of them are trying in order to develop visualized systems to allow employees to work from home. These systems will create even better flexible working hours for software developers, reducing the development timelines.

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Benefits of U. S. businesses working with nearshore software growth companies

There are a lot of nearshore software development companies in South america that possess emerged over the recent years due in order to the rising demand with regard to outsourced software program development services in the particular US. If you have a company in the US and your main company objectives are not IT-related, getting a nearshore software development organization to handle your software development will yield multiple benefits, including:

Reduced language plus cultural barriers

For a successful software program development process, you must consider the communication and cultural features of the company you’re working along with. Luckily, Mexico shares a border with the US. It implies there’s been a healthy social interaction between the two nations over the years. English is the second spoken language in Mexico, making communication easier.

Shared time zones

As much as offshore software development companies can bring on the table inside terms associated with software creation experience, they can’t match the convenience of working along with nearshore firms based on time zones. Mexico is approximately one hour ahead of the particular US, meaning it’ll be simpler for you to schedule meetings even during the day.


Many IT companies have invested in software program development to help increase their particular competitive advantage over others and match up with the evolving technology in South america and other countries worldwide. With data showing more organizations are usually willing to allocate a lot more budget for software development within 2022, it’s ideal you pull up resources to be among the competitive IT firms. You can outsource software program development solutions from Mexico if your company is based in the ALL OF US and your financial analysis report shows outsourcing the services from a nearshore company will be cheaper.

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