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With a vision to become the most favourable choice of technology partner for all logistics companies and fleet operators, Rahul Mehra and Vishal Jain walked through the roads of innovative technologies that pave a new road to their brainchild, Roadcast. As per the co-founders’ words, the company was started with the idea of creating a real-time tracking app in 2015.

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“When the tech was ready, we saw the larger use case in the logistics sector in India and hence the product involved into a good enterprise logistics management platform. Our delivery and order management software offers enterprises a reliable system with information such as pick-up plus delivery scheduling, image-recognition, auto route optimization, audio or video surveillance, distance in order to the recipient, estimated time of arrival and more and all of us make sure that put logistics tech is ahead associated with tech curve offering the particular latest tech-based solutions, ” said the co-founders in a joint statement.

The e-commerce sector has become stronger like never before ever since the particular pandemic. The particular growth of the web commerce sector has allowed the strategies industry to spread out and diversify its operations.

Stating the growing demands for logistics within the ecommerce sector, the particular duo said, “The growing demand for logistics is due in order to the changing consumer trends post the pandemic and the expectation of reduced turnaround times for deliveries. The consumer now expects an exceptional user experience, fast, seamless plus available. This has place more focus on an agile, extensive and responsive strategies arm. Besides this, with the augmentation associated with q-commerce plus e-commerce because both incumbent companies and startups venture into the segment and inside tier II and III cities, the particular demand with regard to logistics has further increased. ”

With the metaverse coming into play plus the world pivoting towards digitization, automation, AI and ML are the new norm. Roadcast focuses on newer systems such as AI, ML and image recognition to enhance the company’s products.

Speaking about the pivotal role that supply chain sustainability carries in the industry, the founders said that the field needs to look at improving the livelihood of shipping executives, the overall growth of the eco-system, impact on the environment and sustainable growth.

One of the notable services that the Roadcast offers will be its integration of technologies in the delivery and purchase management industry. The creators significantly pointed out the need of the tech platform to scale the business across multiple cities.

In their words, “We help established plus upcoming businesses to digitize their procedures. Be it the particular automobile sector, food shipping industry, Q-commerce, or logistics, as new players enter the market, we all help them compete and strengthen their foothold, by furnishing them with relevant tech-enabled solutions that are also cost-effective. Even while the pandemic ushered in a shift in customer behaviour and the demand regarding hyper local deliveries skyrocketed, Roadcast, a new-age SaaS-based logistics software platform offered an unique combination of the driver application and IoT connectivity in order to provide end-to-end visibility including the need intended for a quick shift to multi-point pickup. inch

Rahul Mehra and Vishal Jain, optimistically shared their own future plans in which they are aiming to go public in the next 5 years and become one of the largest logistics providers in the particular country.

“We want to build an ecosystem to get the strategies sector and then further incubate and accelerate visionary startups. We plan to expand internationally across the middle east, Africa, south-east Asia plus Europe Asia in the next 2 to 3 years simply by forming strategies partnerships along with local players and businesses, ” the particular co-founders stated, in a joint statement.