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Marketers are still adapting to the major disruptions of the past several years. Buyers, though, still expect marketers to provide personalization and enjoyable experiences.    

Luckily, the particular technology plus data that can help are becoming more accessible.  

In partnership with Ascend2, Oracle surveyed 853 entrepreneurs across the US, Canada, India and the UK. The results show what styles and technologies are helping marketers pivot where necessary, interact with clients and drive conversions.  

Top challenges marketers are currently facing

Thirty-eight percent of online marketers said maximizing performance across channels was one of their most difficult difficulties. Audiences are now digitally everywhere. They consume and engage with content throughout a variety of channels and devices.  

Somehow, marketers have to keep up with them, stay consistent and relevant with their messaging, and deliver value. Customers tell you everything you need to know about how to please them with their online behaviors. The right technology helps by taking in that data so internet marketers can use it to connect with customers plus adapt their own strategies as necessary.  

Tactics and technologies for marketing success

Forty-three % of marketing organizations plan to offer more personalized content and offers in the year ahead. Videos plus virtual events will make much of this content easier for customers to eat. Personalization will also help marketers put more focus on retaining customers rather than only acquiring new ones.  

What technologies will certainly help?

  • A customer data platform (CDP) allows you to anticipate client needs.
  • A content management system (CMS) helps you manage and create a lot more innovative content.
  • A customer loyalty program incentivizes and rewards customers that will keep engaging with your brand.

Go all-in on AI

Fifty-nine percent associated with marketers who say they can’t live without AI have highly successful advertising strategies. Thirty percent of marketers selected overall fear they’re missing out on AI’s ability to predict consumer behaviors and adjust campaigns.  

AI creates efficiencies and maximizes resources, especially with manual, repetitive tasks, such because:

  • Setting up campaign workflows.
  • Testing different offers, subject lines and copy.
  • Customizing content material.

Forty-two percent associated with marketers say they already trust AI to personalize content while offering in real-time.  

Marketers look forward to big things this year 

An impressive 94% of marketers thought their 2021 was successful. Thirty-seven percent are confident 2022 will also be a successful year.  

Find out what developments and technologies can make this so.  

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