Register for Your SAP Universal ID by October 12 to Continue Logging Into – SAP News Center

Simplicity, speed, and personalization are at the core of the SAP solution experience, which is why SYSTEMS APPLICATIONS AND PRODUCTS Universal IDENTIFICATION will soon become the single standard account for logging into SAP sites, including SAP. possuindo.

SAP Universal ID provides an unified account across SAP experiences that links all your existing company associations — such as S-/P-user IDs — and allows you to switch between them as needed. If you have not already created your SYSTEMS APPLICATIONS AND PRODUCTS Universal ID, you will need to sign up before October 12, 2022, in order to continue logging into SAP. com.

Your SAP Common ID gives you access to free software trials, analyst reports and white papers, SAP Community, virtual events, and much more. It unifies logins and encounters across more than 500 SAP sites, including SYSTEMS APPLICATIONS AND PRODUCTS. com, SAP for Me, SAP Local community, SAP ONE Support Launchpad, SAP Support Portal, SAP Learning Hub, and SYSTEMS APPLICATIONS AND PRODUCTS Partner Portal.

Start taking advantage of all the benefits of this new experience by creating your SAP General ID now; all it takes is two minutes.

Create your SAP Universal IDENTIFICATION

Take Control of Your own User Experience with the SYSTEMS APPLICATIONS AND PRODUCTS. com Dashboard

When you sign up for your own SAP Universal ID, you get access in order to the SAP (SYSTEMS APPLICATIONS AND PRODUCTS). com dashboard , where you can provide your business, technology, and product interests for the most helpful recommendations plus resources. For example , you may tap into an at-a-glance view of free trials based on your own interests and activate them right from your dash.

The new dashboard is intuitive and empowers you to quickly access the features a person need while discovering brand new ones you will love. Use it to find out the latest from SAP as well as technologies and industry trends through learnings, tutorials , demos , and even newsletters.

You can sign upward for newsletters — there are more than 95 to choose through — in order to stay up to date on what is most important to you. Then, manage your newsletter subscriptions and other marketing preferences with options to subscribe and unsubscribe straight from your dashboard.

We have developed this new experience based on the way users naturally browse the Web plus use our sites. If you have provided cookie consent, you may receive content recommendations based on your browsing history as well as the interests associated with other customers who have viewed and enjoyed similar content material.

A wide variety of dashboard widgets enhance your experience with familiar and easy-to-use features. Through the particular dashboard, you can pick up where a person left off with a list of recently viewed pages and save them for later viewing .

You can also review the latest content that has been published relevant to your own interests, and select the articles types you are interested in.

One Identity for Life

Our strategy for SYSTEMS APPLICATIONS AND PRODUCTS Universal ID is focused on your unique needs. Your SAP Common ID remains yours for life, which means you may take it with you when you change roles or jobs. You can continue to access free learning resources, get notified about upcoming occasions, and stay updated along with the latest technology trends for the sake of your own professional development.

Three steps, two minutes, done: signing up for SAP Universal ID and transitioning your current accounts to this new experience will be fast plus easy and will ensure you can continue to take advantage of all SYSTEMS APPLICATIONS AND PRODUCTS has to offer.

For more information, visit the SAP General ID website and watch this video .