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The war for top talent is on and it’s fiercer than ever. The sheer volume of talented workers has turned the search for top skill into a business-critical issue, not just a concern with regard to HR, according to Deepak Dobriyal, Global Leader of Talent Management and Corporate HR at Birlasoft.

Recruitment Roadmap 2023: Action plan for hiring and retaining top talent

Now more than ever, leaders are having difficulty persuading top talent to join their organisation. Many are struggling due to their current recruitment efforts not effectively attracting the particular right candidates and positioning the company as a leader in the new world associated with work. This can risk losing the battle for skill to competitors.  

These concerns were the focus of the recent LinkedIn Live session by People Matters in its Big Question series. Mervyn Dinnen, analyst, writer, author, and commentator upon HR, talent, and work tech trends at Two Heads Consulting, and Deepak Dobriyal, senior vice president and global leader of talent management and corporate HR in Birlasoft, discussed how to hire exceptional employees with the right skills regarding various designations and departments.

Importance of top talent 

Having skilled workers can greatly benefit a business as they can provide a competitive advantage. With the correct talent in place, a leader can increase productivity plus drive profitability. Therefore, it is crucial to attract and hire the best employees possible.  

“In today’s job market, not having the right talent from the right time has become a pressing issue. This scarcity is not just an HR concern, but a company issue. As a result, the search for top talent will be at the particular forefront because they not only contribute to revenue generation, yet also serve as a driving force in a company, ” said Deepak Dobriyal.

Retaining your top skill

Companies that succeed in achieving high skilled employee retention rates operate at an advantage both in meeting business goals and in recruiting brand new hires. According to Mervyn Dinnen, a well-established employee retention strategy is a key competitive differentiator. “While providing ongoing education and clearing paths for advancement will always be crucial for preservation, another important factor is usually support, ” he said.  

“If people don’t feel that companies are supporting them, they’re going to look around. Due to their intellectual curiosity, best talents constantly want to develop skills, learn new technologies and upgrade their knowledge. Mervyn added that inside addition in order to flexibility, work security, plus good wages, support is definitely also important to retain employees.

Hiring the correct person

When looking to hire the right person, many hiring managers tend in order to follow their gut. While relying on your own instincts can help, banking on them solely and completely might not always be the greatest practice. Business HR associated with Birlasoft suggested backing the hiring process with tools, such as “scientific research, statistical validation, psychometric standards, etc.

“It’s really not about selecting people for the job. It’s more about finding the right job intended for every person while developing your community, ” he additional.  

Leveraging next-gen tech within recruitment 

Be it the veteran or a newbie, technology has a lot to offer when it comes to the perfect tools in order to connect along with top talents. However, in order to gain the competitive benefit, organisations need to start getting more creative with their own recruitment procedure, suggested the particular experts. They also  shared the latest technologies that recruiters can use to attract top talent:

  • Big data analysis
  • Applicant tracking systems (ATS)
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Targeted candidate searches
  • Remote, video-based hiring

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