Posco Group sets up advisory committee for AI tech – The Korea Herald

South Korean steelmaker Posco Group said Friday that it has established an advisory committee for artificial intelligence technology, to initiate an in-depth discussion on the latest technology and map out future business strategies.

Comprising 20 academia representatives and industry professionals in the AI sector, the committee is divided into two separate subcommittees. The academia-focused committee plus industry-focused panel will each be responsible for sharing the most recent AI trends, discussing the field of business that Posco can adopt and apply, as well as giving advice on business strategy and building a talented workforce.

The industry-focused subcommittee on Friday held the kickoff meeting at Posco Center in Seoul.

The meeting was attended by professors with expertise in algorithm, data science, image cleverness, language intelligence, calculation technology and predictive control from Korea University, Sungkyunkwan College, Yonsei University or college, KAIST plus Postech. AI-experts at Posco Group, including AI research center chief Kim Joo-min and Postech AI Research Institute Director Seo Young-joo also participated.

The experts were expected to share insights upon global technology trends such as manufacturing AI and AI research, Posco said.

“To accelerate development of innovative technologies and increase the probability in success, it is crucial to set up a good collaboration-based technology development system, ” stated Posco‘s AI research center chief Kim Joo-min.

Meanwhile, the group said it would hold a committee meeting with industry experts within the field of robot, energy and new materials in September.

By Kim Da-sol ([email protected] com)