OMA Emirates: Setting the bar for payment solutions in EMEA and Asia – Gulf News

Niranj Sangal

As a leading industry player, what are the unique transaction solutions that OMA Emirates provides its clients?

OMA Emirates is a technology-centric company, committed to providing solutions in the area of BFSI and digital banking. We provide services designed in order to deliver a seamless customer experience. Established as the number one service provider for the payment business in the EMEA and Asia region, OMA Emirates also provides value-added services such as e-remittance, e-vouchers, e-wallet solution, loyalty application, and various other solutions. We have been working on cutting edge and innovative solutions such as SoftPOS. At OMA, we develop all our solutions in-house with the developer team of over 60 resources across our own Middle East and Asian countries offices.

How has the payments sector evolved in the last decade and where do you see the next growth avenue for it in the next couple of years?

We took a leap within moving ahead with an Android-based platform from a traditional platform, exactly where we once again developed our own hardware plus supporting software. Along with Android payment application, OMA Store was a platform developed for business applications with the seamless integration for obligations. Single hardware device serves multiple purposes over transaction functionality.

We foresee SoftPOS to be the particular next growth avenue in order to facilitate smaller merchants to accept payment via their Android smartphones. Digital kiosks are a new channel for the banks to interact with customers such as for account opening, card issuing, cash recycle, cheque printing etc.

AI is expected to be a major revenue earner in the months and years to come with regard to several industries. In this regard how do you see robotic process automation or RPA as the major answer for your clients?

Again, this was foreseen a few years back and RPA was developed with the particular ultimate aim to eliminate any manual intervention, reduce operational workload in areas such while reconciliation/settlement/automate money transfers and so on. Another example is to optimize bank operations using AI, such as CIT within ATM monitoring options.

Please share the development plans regarding OMA Emirates over the following five many years.

OMA Emirates has an ambitious growth plan. Over the next five yrs, we are looking forward in order to increasing plus consolidating the presence in Asia and Africa plus to provide payment providers to financial institutions in Issuing and Acquiring apart through being only a technology provider. From the product point of view, OMA plans to create the latest technology based on transaction trends and regulations this kind of PCI/EMV market standards.