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With all that is going on in the world, it is important to protect the home, and keep families plus friends safe. Proactive home care and technology can make a big difference. Tech expert, consumer journalist and super mom Anna De Souza shares information about some of the newest trends in house safety plus technology.

Ould – De Souza says, “You need in order to have a plan, you don’t realize how vulnerable you are. For instance, my home got broken into a few weeks ago while my entire family was sitting in the particular living room totally unbeknownst to us and unfortunately, as you said, the statistics are pretty grim especially in the summertime particularly in the summertime. She goes on to say there will be an increase of ten percent with regards to house burglaries between the months of June plus August and a recent survey by Hippo found that 42% associated with Americans are looking to travel for a week or even longer this year so it is usually super important to be proactive. ”

Anna says you want to become prepared with proactive care, preventative smart home technology and you would like to find a partner to help you like Hippo. Unlike other insurance policies and companies, she says they really take a holistic approach to home protection giving you proactive services so you can avoid those unexpected repairs in the first place, and you can feel confident protecting your home.

Anna says, “We can use technologies to our advantage. Even with Hippo home maintenance can be therefore intimidating. I love that you can just hop on their app and schedule a virtual home check-up with a homecare professional who is going to give you a personalized checklist of almost all the things you can do at home preventively in order to make sure your home is secure. ”

Ould – says, “Hippo also gives you wise home kits with eligible policies, offers discounts when you activate a smart home security system and talking about the particular newest crop of smart home devices really help you to detect plus protect your house from so many different hazards and SimpliSafe is my favorite because of that. They are award-winning, whole residential protection. It protects you from burglaries, fire, water damage, gas leaks, so much more. You want to invest in those entry and motion sensors especially in the summertime when burglaries are at an all-time high. SimpliSafe has partnered along with Hippo to give you access to this house security so that you can prevent all those common claims in the particular first location. ” You can create a bundle that works best for your needs.

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