Microsoft publishes new findings on digital transformations in industry –

Every organization wants to be resilient, agile, and sustainable in today’s manufacturing world. And there are so many manufacturers investing in innovative solutions in order to make their operations plus products smarter by switching to advanced technologies including AI, digital twins, and the internet of things (IoT).

Back of 2019 , Microsoft published its first report which provided a broad view associated with IoT across a variety of industries- from production and energy to healthcare. And Ms did the latest 2022 report on the IoT signals. IoT signals are a series of impactful content curated by Microsof company, basically to inform the community about the latest developments plus digital changes, and technology trends within the IoT industry.

Microsoft conducted more in-depth reviews with participants to gain a deeper understanding of the particular digital transformation strategies, and execution plans. Microsoft publishes some new findings upon digital conversions in Industry, have a look at them.

Microsoft discovers six brand new digital transformations in Business

The new IoT survey reveals insights from real-world manufacturers that have started their electronic transformation journey. During the research, Ms discovered six key fresh findings on digital changes.

  • Most manufacturers are advancing their efforts to build smart factories
  • Operational improvement is a still top goal for manufacturers
  • Organizations are usually shifting investments to industrial-automation-based process control
  • Manufacturers face new challenges with scaling smart factory initiatives
  • IT-OT convergence is happening in the particular manufacturing business
  • Manufacturers plan to increase investments in smart connected IoT products

Microsoft publishes new findings on digital transformations in industry
Image Courtesy- Cloudblogs-Microsoft

Digital change continues to be top of mind for these manufacturers as they work to increase agility, drive growth, plus improve customer engagement. All the 6 key findings share a common theme- producers across the globe are advancing their own digital modification efforts and organizations are usually switching in order to innovative solutions to build a more sustainable and resistant future.

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