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  • Improved two-way communication through the new Virtual Showroom with a virtual tour guide
  • Detailed introduction on the future technology trends and LG Innotek’s innovation technologies
  • Emphasis on ESG-centered management plus activities

SEOUL, South Korea , Sept. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —  “When I first visited the website, the virtual trip guide was able to walk me through the particular various products. The virtual tour guide was able to illustrate to me personally the latest high-tech trends in addition to how their able to change the world around us, ” said one recent surveyed individual.

LG Innotek employees look through the newly updated company website.
LG ELECTRONICS Innotek employees look through typically the newly updated company website.

LG Innotek has begun to strengthen online marketing capability for innovation in customer experience. This is interpreted as strengthening convenience of visitors, giving trust to the existing customers as the marketing contents hub, and accelerating to discover potential clients.

On September 6 , LG Innotek (CEO, Cheol-Dong Jeong ) offers announced that it has completed the web site renewal with improved user experience and even strengthened contents related to interests of its clients. This site renewal was conducted completely based on an user-centered perspective. By improving customer value and focusing on strengthening communication with customers, it features been carried out since this beginning of this year.

The biggest change associated with the website this time is that it has significantly expanded the contact point along with customers regarding LG Innotek. Despite being a business-to-business company, it has fully reflected a goal of strengthening communication together with all site visitors including general consumers, potential employees, investors, partners, together with clients.

Due to the continued curiosity about LG Innotek nowadays, the new website will allow visitors in order to learn more about often the company as well as its technological innovation and items.   It will also allow visitors to directly leave inquiries regarding products, future business, and recruitment. By setting its website as your default platform for customer communication, LG ELECTRONICS Innotek offers also set a plan to link various offline promotions. This particular means that the website will serve as the major contact point that will improve client experience.

In a striking new corner, ‘Virtual Showroom’, an interaction-based virtual visit place where you can experience LG Innotek’s new products and additionally technology is available. Visitors can browse competitiveness of the exact company-based engineering for each theme under the explanation of the virtual tour guide. While the guide speaks English, Korean not to mention Chinese subtitles are also available. The Virtual Display room will also contain major global exhibitions, news, along with events such as the Consumer Electronics Show will furthermore be introduced. Also, online campaigns linked with offline occasions such while exhibitions and also seminars will be performed here at the same time.

LG ELECTRONICS Innotek likewise established the ‘Innovation’ part within the category. Future-driving topics including autonomous driving, digital twins, metaverse, and connectivity, and company sectors (Optics Solution, Substrate & Material, Automotive Components, Electronic Parts, etc . ) will be tied together with stories on goods and technology development. The corner introduces technologies trends as well as keywords that will anybody might be interested in at least once, which are naturally connected to be able to the relevant business and technical capabilities of LG Innotek. As the first material, autonomous driving and electronic twins started off. Sensors plus radar that are needed in the operation mechanism of independent driving were introduced. At the same time, Smart Factory, an AI/big data-based R& D system, was launched as an example involving digital twins that newly converts development and manufacturing methods.

Comprehensive contents on the leading technological innovation and product introduction have changed in a more captivating way. Apart from a simple, list-up introduction, each has its own story line. As an example, regarding ‘camera module’, a product from the particular Optics Solution Division, contents that describe how LG ELECTRONICS Innotek provides accomplished technical innovation had been published inside addition for you to detailed item specifications. These contents are introduced within a way that describes, for example, how a single product (component, in this case) is connected to consumers and what kind of changes it may bring to everyone’s daily lives.

As always, LG Innotek will be very proud of its ESG activities and that’s why we feel it is usually important to help be actively open with regard to our worldwide clients to see our accomplishments. This section introduces our ESG vision, propulsion system, and management policy. As well like our efforts toward carbon neutrality, eco-friendly technology in addition to resource circulation, which is currently in progress.

Furthermore, the subscription button, exactly where one can subscribe to LG ELECTRONICS Innotek’s newsletters, and consumer inquiry button, where one can keep an inquiry, have been created on the top right of the main page. This was planned to strengthen communication on a regular basis using visitors who can become our own potential clients. LG Innotek’s white paper and articles on engineering can also be downloaded. We in addition added buyer convenience by adding typically the Quick Button to connect a new visitor directly to LG Innotek’s Newsroom, LinkedIn and YouTube channel.

LG Innotek is putting effort in many aspects not only for website renewal, but also for online innovation in purchaser experience such as LinkedIn and even white papers. The company is planning to continue with these also found in the second half connected with the 12 months.

According to In-Kyu Lee, the Executive Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) stated that “the innovation with customer encounter for both existing together with potential consumers through the brand new internet site will certainly be a driving force for growth of a b2b company. ” He continued that “the company may actively carry on with various activities optimized for a business-to-business company centering around data-based digital marketing. ”

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