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With ATS Singapore just two weeks away, we take a look at what’s going on in the city, and the wider APAC region. Read on for expert advice from some of our ATS Singapore speakers, as they discuss first-party data, privacy, and advertising’s ‘moral evolution’.

Located in the heart of Southeast Asia, Singapore is at the centre of a digital economy expected to hit USD300bn (£257. 7bn) by 2025 , and boasts its own thriving tech market. Over the last decade, the country has produced 13 unicorns, including Gojek, Tokopedia, plus Traveloka, and over 100 homegrown startups have expanded into South-East Asian markets this year. And, just this week, the nation kickstarted Q4 2022 by opening its first digital bank , in a prominent move towards digitisation nationwide.

Recognised internationally as a hub associated with innovation and a beacon of growth, Singapore is reflective of the particular wider APAC region, where digital ad spend has more than doubled since 2016 . To better understand the developments driving APAC forward ahead associated with our return to Singapore, we turned to the industry for their perspective.

What trends are you seeing across the ad technology industry within APAC in 2022?

There is a general lack of urgency in brands figuring out their 1 st Party Data strategy. As a result, the next 18 months will likely see a lot of clutter within promotional / lower funnel activity, as brands rush to build out their 1PD pools. For the early movers in this space, we are usually advising them to pivot from purely lower channel tactics, to higher value brand experiences that can be delivered across the customer journey, and (very importantly) can capture a more representative category audience across more need states.

  What are you looking forward to hearing more of at ATS Singapore?

ATS has always been equal parts informative plus provocative – something quite unique in industry conferences, and ultimately very helpful in navigating a dynamic industry. After its 2 year absence from Singapore, and with some really big changes coming our way in the industry, I’m honestly waiting to hear as many POVs while I may, from as many people like humanly possible!

Ronnie Thomas TBWA

Exactly what trends do you see throughout the ad tech industry inside APAC within 2022?

Consumer Privacy will continue in order to become a critical trend. Marketers will need to be very clear about how consumer data is used, shared, stored, with whom and for what purposes – a new era of transparency that gives people more control – and this will build trust. It makes sense with regard to marketers to request permission upfront from the consumers. There is not a tonne of benefiting misleading because, without authorization, data holds little value for the marketer.

With governments worldwide now limiting data collection practices, consumers still look to manufacturers to ensure the quality of electronic ad experiences. Advertisers are starting to substitute that audience data with contextual intelligence. Rather than supporting all the data management plus privacy regulations capturing and leaving personally identifiable information, numerous marketers will certainly switch in order to advertising in contextually relevant environments plus use that as a proxy for the target audience.  

Advertisers have a real opportunity to make an impact without sacrificing specificity. With the particular imminent “death of the cookie”, marketers will have to get innovative about their own marketing, leading to a better connection, personalised, contextual offerings, and overall happier customers. Regulatory bodies like IAB will play a key role in personal privacy compliance and setting the standards regarding contextual targeting.  

What are you looking forward to hearing more of at OBTAIN THE Singapore?

ATS Singapore draws one of the region’s largest audiences of programmatic advertising and marketing technology industry experts plus focuses on challenges facing the particular programmatic advertising and marketing technology business today. The entire market ecosystem will be present at the event, providing attendees with the opportunity in order to learn and network. I’m looking  ahead to attending thought-provoking sessions, meeting peers and sharing learnings upon emerging technologies, consumer privacy, measurement plus more.

Laura Quigley, Integral Ad Science

What trends are a person seeing throughout the advertisement tech sector in APAC in 2022?

Ad technology has been asked for a moral evolution from policy makers and consumers. The particular big trend that I see is ad tech leading the conversation towards purpose plus longevity intended for the marketing industry.   Consumer choice is at the particular forefront and we may continue to see the focus on data compliant traffic  and  leveraging addressability at scale through cohorts rather compared to hyper personalisation. I would like to see and be part associated with more use cases of how will be ad technology putting consumer at the centre plus use technology to build better experiences to get them while yielding high returns pertaining to ad investments. I am excited meant for engaging storytelling as it adapts itself in order to metaverse and Web3 

  Exactly what are you looking forward to listening to more of in ATS Singapore?

All the topics are extremely interesting, thought provoking, and crucial to the particular growth of our clients business – from how brand names can fully utilise technologies for brand name building, to using information and tech to automate creative logos and associated with course how the new data regulations can impact how we target, plan, and measure everything that will we do. However , one of the most important topics for me personally is usually how we as an industry can make an impact on environmental sustainability. We have been talking about it designed for so long, it’s about time all of us take actions – this is why I’m proud to be working in the network exactly where we’re not only discussing these topics, but making commitments plus taking actions towards a far more sustainable future, truly building advertising work better for individuals. I am searching forward in order to hearing a lot more about the way we can do more to drive suitability even further through a collaborative approach along with common objective

Rose Huskey WM Global

​​ What trends are usually you viewing across the particular ad technology industry in APAC inside 2022?

Rise of Web3 & the Metaverse: given APAC ranks amongst the top adopters across crypto, NFTs, gaming and the like, it’s great to see brands and businesses joining this particular space plus showing the particular excitement. Moving forward, my hunch and hope will be to see people move beyond more awareness-focused initiatives, to truly building rich communities in order to thrive long-term.  

Gaming immersion: Once again, APAC reigns supreme when it comes to adopting plus time-spent, and people are finally properly taking notice. I think we’ll see manufacturers move aside from building one-offs or doing high-level product placement in new spaces — and we’re going see all of them start to really focus on gaming and gamers across almost all touch-points as a part of their experience mapping and creation.  

  What are you looking towards hearing really at OBTAIN THE Singapore?

“This will become my first year from ATS : and the first live event in Singapore, so I’m pretty excited. Very keen in order to hear through people throughout many different businesses plus disciplines to geek away on video gaming, the metaverse, data, and the like – and become inspired simply by those around me. ”

Tessa Conrad, TBWA

ATS Singapore 2022 will get place upon 21st and 22nd September at Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay. Tickets and additional information are available via the  ATS Singapore 2022 event hub .