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Want to know about the latest packaging trends? The good folks behind the Pentawards are the people to ask.

Founded in 2007, Pentawards is the leading global platform and community for packaging style. It’s committed to recognising excellence in the discipline plus connecting individuals from across the world through its annual awards, gala ceremony, international conferences, digital events, books and social platforms.

It’s also at the rear of the Pentawards Festival 2022 , which will take place in London in a few weeks with headline speakers including Lily Cole, ex-model plus environmentalist; Argentinian-Spanish artist Felipe Pantone; and Mauro Porcini, SVP plus chief design officer at PepsiCo, among many more. So we asked some of these names to identify the particular biggest styles in packaging over the last year and what lies behind them.

Some of their answers may surprise you. We share their insights below and give some examples of the developments in action.

1 . Custom-made bottles

“We’re noticing an increase in the number of requests to design bespoke glass bottles, ” says Ivan Bell, group CEO and managing director in Stranger & Stranger . “Clients are deciding to invest in their brands and go bespoke with stand-out bottle structures; designs that allow a brand to be a lot more individual and iconic. ”

This is mainly, he adds, because the timeline and costs associated along with producing a good off-the-shelf glass bottle versus bespoke cup bottle production – which were once hugely divergent – are now virtually the same, as few suppliers hold stock associated with catalogue items anymore.

“This has happened due to the pressures on global supply chains across the industry, with shortages of materials and much longer lead times, inch explains Ivan. “So, many of our clients are usually deciding that if they have to wait, they might as well proceed bespoke. inches

Eminente Reserva by Moët Hennessy and Stranger & Stranger, 2021 Diamond – Best of Show Pentawards winner

Eminente Reserva by Moët Hennessy and Stranger & Unfamiliar person, 2021 Diamond – Best of Show Pentawards winner

Kadoya citrus juice by MARU, 2022 Pentawards shortlist

Kadoya citrus juice by MARU, 2022 Pentawards shortlist

Heights by Pentagram, 2022 Pentawards shortlist

Heights simply by Pentagram, 2022 Pentawards shortlist

2. Sustainable materials

Sustainability has been a hot topic in packaging for years now. But Ivan says that recently, there’s already been a huge increase in the particular desire by clients to eliminate their reliance on single-use plastics.

“When designing, when possible, we are now looking to specify materials plus processes that can bring a positive benefit to help with sustainability and increase awareness associated with alternative materials and processes, ” he adds. “This is a trend that will surely continue to grow strongly. ”

One example is Wild’s refillable deodorant sticks, one of 2021’s Gold Pentawards winners. Designed simply by Morrama, the case is made using post-consumer recycled plastic and custom-designed to be used again and once again. Refills are usually 100% plastic free and slim enough to fit through the letterbox. Apart from the recycled and recyclable packaging box, the only disposable component is the bamboo pulp refill cartridge, which can be either reused or home composted.

Another innovative product pushing the particular sustainability trend is the Pinter, winner of a 2021 silver Pentaward. This world-first reusable brewing unit lets you brew 10 pints associated with fresh beer or cider at house. The ingredients are delivered in ‘Pinter Packs’ that fit through your letterbox.

Other sustainability-focused products honoured by the Pentawards include Fenty Skin, whose product packaging features refillable components plus minimal secondary packaging, and OceanIQ – a vegan washing detergent brand that will makes smart use of plastic waste.

Wild's refillable deodorant sticks by Morrama, 2021 Gold Pentawards winner

Wild’s refillable deodorant sticks by Morrama, 2021 Gold Pentawards champion

The Pinter by Studio Blackburn, 2021 Silver Pentawards winner

The Pinter by Studio Blackburn, 2021 Silver Pentawards winner

Fenty Skin by Established, 2021 Gold Pentawards winner

Fenty Pores and skin by Established, 2021 Precious metal Pentawards champion

OceanIQ by 2Yolk, 2021 Platinum Pentawards winner

OceanIQ by 2Yolk, 2021 Platinum Pentawards winner

3. Redefining luxury

The trend with regard to sustainability within packaging isn’t just observed inside household products, though. As Emma Follett, chief creative officer from Design Bridge, notes: “One of the most exciting things that I have seen is our reappraisal associated with what luxury means and how to deliver luxurious more sustainably. ”

She points to how champagne house Ruinart lately redesigned their gift boxes, winning them a 2021 Gold Pentaward. The new design was made from 99% paper, fully recyclable, plus exactly sculpted to the particular form of the bottle. Highlighting the bottle’s iconic curves, the minimalist paper shell provides a soft touch and finely engraved texture that really gives it a luxury feel.

“This was the great example of high-class packaging that will delivers to the expectation and the experience needed for a premium product, inch she states, “But completely reappraising what is needed to deliver that in a category where, historically, more is more, bigger is better, more layers equal more intrigue. In actuality, less can be a lot more, and so beautiful. It’s set a new bar for luxury packaging, making us all stop and think about how we can do things differently. ”

For Design Link, this approach is baked into the particular design plus production process from the start. “The drive regarding more sustainable packaging is ongoing and vital, inches explains Emma. “80% from the environmental impact of a product is decided at the briefing stage, so we should be holding ourselves accountable to developing a brief with our own clients that will truly delivers a ‘shared value’ outcome: benefits intended for people plus planet as well as business. ”

Ruinart Second Skin by Chic, 2021 Gold Pentawards winner

Ruinart Second Epidermis by Chic, 2021 Gold Pentawards champion

4. The need for the “wow” factor

The particular lockdowns of 2020-21 meant even the most tech-challenged of people had to get to grips along with shopping online. Now, shops are open again, but we can’t put the genie back in the container. The convenience of e-tail means that physical stores must compete harder than ever. And that’s influencing packaging hugely right now, says Emma.

“Our experience of opening product packaging and getting more through the brand experience compared to you would usually get online will be expected now more than ever, inch she states. “It’s all about that will reveal moment, the wow factor, combined with the opportunity in order to tell more of the particular brand story and really engage with the consumer in the moment exactly where you have their undivided attention.

“Plus, with brand new technologies in printing, manufacturing, delivery, loyalty and so on, all of us also have got new and inclusive ways of engaging with consumers, such as brand ownable voice skills, personalised packaging, and experiences that are produced to get people’s own personal, inclusive needs, relating to ease associated with opening, reading, using plus understanding. inches

The overriding theme is, while Emma puts it: “We were not born the same, so brands shouldn’t treat all of us the same. New technology will enable agencies to design truly end-to-end, personalised and inclusively tailored encounters towards the unique needs of an individual where it’s the norm, not really the exception. ”

A recent example associated with packaging with a true ‘wow factor’ is the particular limited-edition product packaging for skincare brand SK-II Pitera, winner of two Gold Pentawards in 2021. Inspired simply by the idea that younger customers choose manufacturers that promote self-expression rather than restrictive beauty ideals, each pack uses various hand-crafted techniques, which includes ‘tapeography’, hand-drawn marker typography, and mixed media collage using vintage street art posters that resemble urban graffiti.

Aperta by Backbone Branding, 2022 Pentawards shortlist

Aperta by Backbone Branding, 2022 Pentawards candidate

Eat Whatever You Want by Shenzhen Baixinglong, 2021 Gold Pentawards winner

Eat Whatever You Want by Shenzhen Baixinglong, 2021 Gold Pentawards champion

Olive Oil Dispenser by SOSO FACTORY SL, 2022 Pentawards shortlist

Olive Oil Dispenser by SOSO FACTORY SL, 2022 Pentawards shortlist

Ben Geng by Heilongjiang Guangwei Creative Design, 2021 Silver Pentawards winner

Ben Geng by Heilongjiang Guangwei Innovative Design, 2021 Silver Pentawards winner

There’s also the packaging for Ben Geng rice, a Silver Pentaward winner in 2021, which steps well outside the expected norms of grain packaging in China, whilst also taking it back to the roots. Inspired by the Chinese Year of the Ox, the traditional cloth bag packaging can be recycled and has been created with environmentally friendly ink.

The trend can also be seen in the fish, meat, and poultry brand name Eat Whatever You Want. A Gold Pentaward winner inside 2021, this delightfully playful packaging makes it look like you’re snatching food from the mouth of a hungry beast when it’s turned on its side.

5. Social conscience

Mauro Porcini, SVP plus chief design officer with PepsiCo, identifies our fifth and final trend as what this individual calls ‘Strong & Proud’. He’s talking about “Brands leveraging their systems in the purposeful way” by taking a social position on the issues affecting the world.

One recent example of this trend in action is the product packaging for olive oil brand Love is usually Love, which usually won it a Gold Pentaward within 2021. These designs focus on diversity simply by recognising all types of couples through a series associated with playful illustrations that use bold colours and a stylised design to stand out.

Another way brands are showing their social conscience is definitely by producing packaging that’s more accessible for disabled people. An example of this can be seen in the designs pertaining to ready-to-drink coffee brand Only For Your Eyes, which won a 2021 Gold Pentaward. The packaging has been developed exclusively in Braille, from screen-printed ink plus varnish.

Love is Love olive oil by Supperstudio, 2021 Gold Pentawards winner

Love is Love olive oil by Supperstudio, 2021 Gold Pentawards champion

Only For Your Eyes by Supperstudio, 2021 Gold Pentawards winner

Just for Your Eyes simply by Supperstudio, 2021 Gold Pentawards winner

Join the Pentawards Festival 2022!

If you work in packaging design, you need to know about Pentawards. It’s the particular leading network dedicated to recognising excellence in the discipline, and they’ve just announced its first ever in-person Pentawards Festival.

Taking place on 22-23 September 2022 at London’s Science Museum, the event will host a selection of world-class keynote speakers, industry debates and practical workshops. Its Meet the Brands: All Out Networking’ event, held within the museum’s Flight Gallery, will offer pitching and networking opportunities with worldwide brands.

The particular Festival will certainly be split into three core sections: Durability 2. 0, Authentic Inclusivity, and Essential Futures, along with talking factors ranging through circular economies and new sustainable components to making diversity and inclusivity a driving force meant for change plus the future of style agencies.

Pentawards Festival, at the Science Museum

Pentawards Event, at the Science Art gallery

Speakers will include Argentinian-Spanish artist Felipe Pantone; Mauro Porcini, SVP and chief design officer at PepsiCo; Paula Chin, senior policy advisor on WWF; Lily Cole, ex-model and environmentalist; Ximena O’Reilly, global head of design for Nestle. And Jon Rathbone, product packaging design lead at Meta. A gala ceremony will follow the Celebration on 23 September in the Royal Opera House, where winners will be announced for this year’s Pentawards competition.

For more information and in order to purchase tickets, visit the 2022 Pentawards Festivity website . You can also view the full agenda here .