Ingrooves wins third patent, for AI tech to predict TikTok trends that can translate into upticks in streams – Music Business Worldwide

In 2020, Ingrooves Music Group was granted a patent   for impressive AI-driven music marketing technology.

Earlier this year, the 80 million times on the platform.

Ingrooves’ latest AI technology builds around the company’s previous patents to get music marketing and advertising including one that fuels the proprietary Smart Audience advertising solution to identify “high-value” streaming audiences for an artist/label based on user listening behavior.

“With this invention we are taking the guesswork out of which UGC-driven events have the most potential to be powerful development moments pertaining to marketers in order to act upon. ”

Dr. SK Sharma, Ingrooves Music Team

Ingrooves’ Chief Analytics plus AI Officer Dr . SK Sharma said the company is innovating to address two associated with the most important challenges artists and labels face in the music industry: reaching an audience and building loyal fan bases.

“With this invention we are taking the guesswork out of which UGC-driven events have the majority of potential to be powerful growth moments meant for marketers to act on. Our rigorously quantitative and highly scalable methods drive results that are usually both attributable and verifiable, ” Sharma added.

Added Sharma: “As always, we thank

“These patented breakthroughs enable marketers to navigate through the particular noise and a sea of data to find new opportunities to increase streaming. ”

Nat Pastor, Virgin Music Group

“Our global music analytics teams, led by Dr. SK Sharma, are at the forefront associated with creating AI & ML innovations to power an entirely new way of marketing music, ” stated JT Myers, co-CEO of Virgin Music Group, Ingrooves’ parent company.

“These patented discoveries enable entrepreneurs to get around through the particular noise plus an ocean of information to discover new possibilities to boost streaming and build long-term fans in ways never before possible, ” added Nat Pastor, co-CEO of Virgin mobile Group.

Ingrooves’ brand new technology comes as more artists adopt the TikTok-to-Spotify pipeline as TikTok becomes the prominent way for performers to promote their songs.

A study by creative consulting agency ContraBrand earlier this year noted that nearly two-thirds associated with viral songs on TikTok are fueled by organic posting simply by the artist and other TikTok users with no spend on marketing or influencers. Songs Business Globally