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ICYMI: Latest changes, trends and news on social media platforms

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At SmartBrief, we don’t like to waste time. In our more than 250 free newsletters , we scour the web for news about your industry to help you work smarter. In that same vein, we’ve started a Friday recap of the top news about your favorite — and not-so-favorite(? ) — social press platforms. Below, you’ll learn regarding the modifications and new features of the top social media platforms, as well as trends, how-tos plus business information.

Latest upon using social media platforms

LinkedIn adds brand safety features, marketing tools
DoubleVerify is offering brand safety and contextual equipment for LinkedIn advertisers as part of an expanded partnership, reports Adweek . In other LinkedIn news, the platform also is introducing revenue attribution reporting, several ad formats and search engine optimization for newsletters and articles, reports The Drum .

TikTok testing social shopping among US users
TikTok will be letting US users purchase products directly within the particular app via a TikTok Shop test after launching the service in the UK plus parts associated with Southeast Asia. Select US businesses have been invited to participate. Learn more via Semafor and MediaPost .

Instagram Explores new ad placement feature
As of Nov. 11, brands can place ads on the home page of Instagram’s Explore tab via the particular platform’s Marketing API, which also provides performance data and preview capabilities. The particular feature doesn’t require updates to current software. Find out even more on Search Engine Journal .

Quick hits

  • Tumblr takes jab at Twitter with brand new Important Blue Internet Checkmark, via Adweek
  • Report: Encrypted messaging may be in Twitter’s pipeline, through TechCrunch
  • YouTube enables Q& As during livestreams, via TechCrunch
  • TikTok adds demographic insights to Audience Manager, via Social Media Today
  • Musk says “rock solid” Twitter Glowing blue to return Nov. 29, via The Verge

Trends, studies & how-tos

More brands pause Twitter advertising, but still tweeting
More and more manufacturers and advertisement agencies are pausing Tweets advertising and many are usually putting annual contract negotiations on hold amid fake brand accounts, brand safety concerns plus staff instability, say ad buyers and advertisers, reviews The Wall Street Journal . However , Ad Age, which also writes about brands’ concerns over fake Twitter balances, quotes one unnamed agency ad buyer as saying organic Twitter activity remains strong: “Almost no one is stopping posting, right, which is fascinating, so like, organically, executives are still tweeting and brands are still posting from handles. ”

Looking for a Twitter Plan B?
While organic Twitter seems to be steady, sociable media users are still very much upon the lookout for alternatives. In this recap, ZDnet’s Steven Vaughan-Nichols takes a deep dive into four options: Diaspora, Counter. Social, Tumblr and Mastodon.

Diving into Discord details
Discord’s popularity has greatly grown since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, boasting more than 100 million monthly active users. While first known as a community for gamers, about 30% of customers say they are on the particular platform with regard to other activities, such as an alternative to internal chat systems (such while Slack plus Microsoft Teams), virtual book clubs and education. Science and Tech Reporter Anugraha Sundaravelu dives into Discord at UK’s Metro .

Is Mastodon viable for brands?
Marketers considering tapping in to the growing ad-free Mastodon social platform, which has hit more than 1. 5 million active monthly users, need to consider factors such as its operation across 4, 600 servers that lack brand security controls plus pose challenges for mass reach and require specific marketing strategies. While there aren’t promoted paid posts, media reporters are joining servers that focus on their beats. PRWeek offers more .

Steps to get started on TikTok — if it’s worth it
TikTok marketing can be a powerful way in order to reach out to people between the ages of 18 and 49, digital advertising executive Michelle Hummel writes on FranchiseWire . Watch some competitors’ posts before getting started, plus then record a 15-second video and experiment with the effects tool, Hummel suggests.

Snapchat AR lens engagement comparable to TV
More compared to 80% of consumers who engage along with Snapchat augmented reality lenses stick with the technology regarding more than two seconds, which makes the app’s AR engagement comparable to high-attention driving TELEVISION, per research from Dentsu Media’s Attention Economy team, as reported by Adweek . Brand recall via Snapchat AR Lenses was 1 . 3 times higher than Dentsu’s benchmark, with the particular top-performing content being personally relevant plus using distinct brand elements.

Should you advertise upon TikTok, Shorts or Reels?
TikTok is usually commanding the highest share associated with short-form video budgets due to its exponential user growth rate and wedding but demographics, ad formats, trust and brand protection also are among the key considerations when reviewing TikTok, Instagram Fishing reels and YouTube Shorts, mass media buyers told Campaign US ALL . Experts also note that some brands nevertheless refrain from TikTok marketing because of its regulatory hurdles plus relationship with China.

Business information

Social media platforms looking beyond advertising 
Tweets, TikTok and Instagram are usually exploring subscription-based options plus creator partnerships to become less dependent on traditional advertising revenue. Nevertheless , new-kid-on-the-block BeReal is definitely focusing on increasing market share and exposure without any ads. “We are at this time in social where the apps are trying to not be solely reliant upon ad income, ” said Brendan Gahan, partner plus chief interpersonal officer intended for Mekanism. Digiday has a lot more .

Quick hits:

  • Reddit poaches Pinterest, Google execs to boost advertisement operations, through MediaPost
  • Omdia says TikTok’s global ad sales will top Meta, Youtube . com — combined! — in 5 years, via MediaPost

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