Huawei and the Ministry of Commerce deploy ‘Digital Bus’ – Bangkok Post

New initiative to cultivate ICT talents in Phayao

Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd. within partnership with the Ministry of Commerce and Office of Commercial Affairs, Phayao Province, held digital training through ‘Digital Bus’ to accelerate ICT talent development among local government employees, SMEs and startups in Phayao.

This project aims to equip ICT personnel with knowledge in intelligent technologies such as 5G, cloud, AI and IoT, to improve competitiveness plus boost efficiency for e-commerce and agricultural business operations. This project builds on successful electronic skills development among Thai students in order to address ICT talent shortage in Thailand and reinforce Huawei’s mission ‘Grow within Thailand, Contribute to Thailand’.

The ‘Digital Bus’ project is designed to help develop ICT skills amongst primary school students in remote areas, while expanding training to business sectors. Phayao State has potential to be an important business hub in the Northern Asia and assist support SME and startup growth. Huawei Thailand is committed in order to increase ICT capabilities among personnel associated with Office of Commercial Matters, Phayao Province and local businesses by providing SMEs and startups along with 5G plus cloud application technology. This will boost web commerce business and AI plus IoT technology applications will add value to farming products via digital transformation, to achieve maximum effectiveness for management system.

Huawei provided lunch and digital training including cybersecurity, 5G technology and knowledge upon latest technology trends for students at four high schools and primary schools within Chiang Muan District, Phayao Province, namely, Ban Tha Fah Tai School, Chiang Muan Wittayakhom School, Ban Luang Community School plus Ban Chaisathan School. More than 150 people from Office of economic Affairs, Phayao Province, SMEs, startups and students were equipped with extensive training by the Digital Bus task.

Digital skill shortage will be a key factor causing social inequality in Thailand. Therefore , building digital skills is critical in the digital age. Huawei Thailand is committed to providing equitable access to quality education through electronic technology. The particular Digital Bus is one of the key elements that will help Thai citizens gain understanding, develop skills and speed up digital technologies application. It also provides residents in remote areas along with access in order to quality schooling and technological skills.

In the coming decades, technology will bring us into a smart world. As innovative technologies played a pivotal role to open windows associated with opportunity during the COVID-19 outbreak. Electronic economy is a key factor that will allow Asia to quickly recover by supporting new job creation

and accelerating development. Digital Divide will certainly be among the biggest challenges for Thailand digital economy development. Huawei partnered with Thai ministries such as the Ministry of Electronic Economy plus Society, Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Public Health and Ministry associated with Commerce and government agencies in bringing the Digital Bus project to bridge the particular digital divide and continue to cultivate the digital talent pool within Thailand.

Huawei is devoted to bringing innovative technology to help develop Thailänder society in the long term. As digital talent cultivation takes time, Huawei may continue in order to support Thai society simply by providing a solid foundation of technological information among children, students and the public. Over the past year, Huawei ‘Digital Bus’ has been providing coaching for more than 25 remote control schools in 10 provinces across Asia. Aiming to create social equity, elevate efficiency associated with Thai education and learning and increase knowledge about cybersecurity, 5G, AI and cloud technology amongst Thai people. Participants within this program are main school plus high college students, vulnerable groups, current workforce and provincial commercial agencies plus small entrepreneurs, totalling 2, 000 individuals. Huawei is usually committed in order to driving its ‘Grow in Thailand, Contribute to Thailand’ mission by building capabilities of Thai ICT talent. This will help drive Thailand to become a hub for electronic technology and human resource development within the Asia-Pacific region to provide technology to every person, home plus organisation to drive Thailand into a fully connected digital era.