How will 2023 tech trends transform event delivery? – Conference News

Leslie Robertson, CEO, Open Audience , explains how eventprofs can incorporate upcoming tech solutions into their events.

Event planners continue to incorporate technology into event shipping to make it slicker, more interactive, engaging and fun. We love technology at Open up Audience, so we are sharing some exciting tech solutions coming your way in 2023:  

  1. Wearable technologies of the future: Wearable technology is big. Currently used in the wellness/health sectors but now being aligned for business, we can see its application for the event industry. These devices can be used for tracking, interacting, capturing and sharing data plus refining a personalised occasion experiences. Catch EventBrite’s in person event ‘Wearable Technologies of the Future’ from 9. 30am on 18 January 2023 in Newcastle: Find out more :  
  1. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR): Rapidly being incorporated into the particular events industry, AR and VR are delivering immersive and online elements to events, gamification and linking us in order to the metaverse. Use AR to view information plus graphics overlaid on the real-world environment, or use VR to experience the completely virtual environment with regard to meetings. Word Monster, our strategic content partners, have enjoyed using Horizon Workrooms software to create the MonsterVerse – its very own virtual meeting world. Find out more:


  1. Virtual and hybrid events: Both 2021/22 forced many events to go digital or adopt virtual/hybrid occasions formats. Buy now Covid-19 restrictions possess lifted, live events are usually more popular than ever.   But we are still facing big challenges with political, economic and travel issues causing uncertainty regarding event planners. Companies are now wisely looking at a ‘blended’ approach to event delivery, to mitigate risk, maximise budget but extend accessibility and relevance where possible. At Open Audience all of us love blended event options, using multi-channel communications to produce exciting and engaging experiences. We are able to use a range of event management platforms, but of course prefer our own gold standard engagement platform, OpenMeet . Find out more :  


  1. Learning systems:   The surge inside online learning continues since the world’s universities switched en masse to this teaching method during the pandemic. Courses abound plus it’s never been easier to achieve a professional qualification. This area is exploding with new technology solutions which are filtering through to live and virtual activities, being integrated into more diverse and interactive webinar formats.   Find out more :, 3-4 May 2023, at ExCeL, London,


  1. Video curation: Video always gets the particular highest levels of engagement in all business environments (B2C, B2B, or B2E) and it is an integral tool for online education. Well curated and presented video content is hugely important plus must be accessible in order to your audience, presented on-brand, be well organised, titled and catalogued. Our latest product OpenTube manages and presents video content in an exciting plus secure way, supported by a full range of movie productions services, for original or re-purposed content, allowing you to add online elements modules, and produce analytics in order to track target audience engagement. Learn more :


  1. Digital twin technology: The trend towards integration continues giving access to new technology that will allow us to seamlessly blend virtual and real worlds. ‘Digital twins’ may be used to simulate event spaces and layouts, allowing organizers to test plans before committing to physical setups. Combining 3D and the power of digital twins will allow event professionals to create more engaging and personalised experiences intended for their attendees while streamlining their planning and execution processes. Get more information :


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