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Since the rise of modern technology, the online casino market has grown at a phenomenal rate. In fact , you can’t find an online casino platform that’s not leveraging these technologies. Here’s how on the internet casinos are leveraging the particular latest tech trends to remain competitive in the ever-growing multi-billion dollar industry.

Smartwatch gambling

Do you know some on-line casinos now support on the web gambling from your smart devices? Using your smartwatch, a person can wager on roulette,   online pokies , bingo and other games. This innovation takes the convenience of mobile gaming to the next level, as it’s the best solution when you can access your own PC or smartphone.

Artificial Intelligence

You’ll find several game recommendations when you open an online casino website. In most cases, these types of recommendations are usually games you’re genuinely interested in playing or even games you play regularly. That’s thanks to the application of artificial intelligence in video gaming platforms.

With artificial cleverness, online casinos can easily observe your gaming activities and know the games you frequently play. That information helps AI-based applications to tailor your ads and recommendations to suit your taste and interests.


Online casino chatbots are tailored to answer specific queries plus solve common problems that players may encounter while playing. These automatic response machines didn’t originally exist within the early days, so players had to wait in long queues to get a customer service agent to attend to their needs. Some of these needs are usually also very simple and can be solved with a click of a button.

To avoid the issue of redundancy, on the internet casinos use chatbots programmed with normal problems faced by players. The chatbots also have respective solutions, which reduce the waiting time as only the particular players with serious issues reach out to the casino’s agents.

Live Streaming

Along with live streaming , sports gamblers no longer have to struggle to keep track of the tournament along with other events. A few years back, gamers only got scoreboards and live trackers to help them know what was happening. Today, technology has enabled anyone to live stream tournaments whilst betting.

Instant identity verification

Online casino verifications take less than 24 hours today, while some make it instant. But did you know that players needed to wait five to seven days a few decades back for an account to be verified? With the latest technology, on-line casinos are now using automation for identification authentication, which helps them know whether your information is legit or not within minutes.

Full e-wallet support

Before now, many parts of the particular world were unable to enjoy gambling due to strict restrictions put by their own governments. These types of restrictions meant that players couldn’t make use of their bank accounts in order to transact along with gambling platforms. However, with online internet casinos supporting e-wallets for withdrawals and deposits, players can enjoy hitch-free transactions when gambling.

Besides their particular convenience, e-wallets are digital payment systems that guarantee their users’ privacy plus safety. That makes e-wallets the perfect alternative to banks.

VR and AR

While virtual and augmented realities haven’t reached their full potential, the little that’s available is astonishing. These innovative technologies are a game-changer in the on the web gambling market as they can easily deliver a hands-on line casino experience from the comfort of your home.