Here are the trending Technology ETFs in India! – Dalal Street Investment Journal

Plain vanilla Exchange Traded Funds are passively managed funds that have features of both shares as well as mutual funds. Principally, ETFs are nothing but index funds trading on a stock exchange that can be bought and sold like any other stock. The NAV of ETFs fluctuates like any other stock, unlike mutual funds which disclose NAV at the end of the day. 

ETFs track a particular index and try to imitate the returns of the same index subject to tracking error (Tracking error is the difference in actual performance between a position (usually an entire portfolio) and its corresponding benchmark). In India, various ETFs track a particular index, sector, commodity or asset such as technology ETF, finance and banking ETF, gold ETF, ETF tracking Nifty 50, ETF tracking BSE Sensex, etc. The technology sector is the best performer in the last one year. In India, presently there are six technology ETFs out of which three are recently launched and don’t have one-year return data. 

So, let’s have look at technology ETFs in India along with their one-year performance, AUM and expense ratio: 

Fund Name 

1-Year Return 

AUM (in Crs.) (As of 30th Nov 2021) 

Expense Ratio (As of 31st Oct 2021) 


60.28 per cent 


0.22 per cent 

Nippon India ETF Nifty IT 

60.14 per cent 


0.22 per cent 

ICICI Prudential IT ETF 

59.92 per cent 


0.20 per cent 

Aditya Birla Sun Life Nifty IT ETF 




Axis Technology ETF 



0.22 per cent 

Kotak IT ETF 



0.22 per cent