Here Are the Top 12 Trends You’ll See Everywhere in 2022 – PureWow

3. Twee Everything

According to TikTok, the “twee” aesthetic is set to re-enter pop culture this year (or maybe just TikTok culture). In case you’ve forgotten (or were in grade school at the time), Twee is the saccharine hipster style you might find in a Wes Anderson movie, a manic pixie dreamgirl-inspired Tumblr page or the ModCloth website circa 2007. It’s the sartorial equivalent of riding an old-fashioned bicycle through Tompkins Square Park with raspberry thumbprint cookies in tow. Whimsical pieces like frilly socks, polka-dotted sweaters with lace collars, mary janes and thick black spectacles all set the twee tone. And while you’re probably not ready to adopt an entirely quirky wardrobe, you can add a teaspoon of sweetness with some twee activities, like sipping tea from dainty floral cups, reading Alice in Wonderland (a first edition) and embroidering love notes into cloth napkins.

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