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The trends of education keep evolving according to the changing needs of the students. Not every method and approach is suitable to make the next big move in your career. In education, technology is a game-changer that helps incorporate various methods and techniques in teaching, thereby allowing students to scale up their careers with ease.

Virtual learning plays a crucial role within the higher education system, especially where blended learning is essential. Computer-aided learning is helping millions associated with students across the world to open gateways for new opportunities in their respective fields.

It is projected that active internet users will surge from 622 million in 2020 to 900 million by 2025. Urban India has 67% of active internet users, while smaller towns have two out associated with five web users.

Learning is made more accessible by educational education, specifically where geographical or physical obstacles make it difficult to achieve career goals.

According to the latest data, the global ed-tech industry is expected to expand at a CAGR of 16. 5% from 2022 to 2030. A significant portion of the particular CAGR associated with 19% is predicted in order to occur in the Asia Pacific, where computing and smart devices are becoming more prevalent.

With digital content, access will be easier plus production costs are lower than with printed content. Technology advances, such as AI, IoT, and AR/VR, are expected to dictate the evolution of edtech solutions.

The world saw a boom in ed-tech startups after the current pandemic hit the globe. However , the increasing number of people becoming inclined toward online education say that ed-tech is here to stay as one of the best-ever solutions in the schooling sector.

In 2021, 65% of global revenue was generated by the ed-tech segment due to the rapid growth of partnerships among educational institutions, ed-tech companies, and content developers within the digital education sector.


In-person education is otherwise a challenging process when students have to mark their own attendance in physical classrooms. EdTech education and learning encompasses different aspects of training, whether it is remote learning, online education, or distance learning.

Ed-tech offers an interactive learning experience that enables learners to absorb concepts seamlessly in this virtual planet. This enhances the student’s involvement inside learning new concepts and allows them to perceive data for future needs.

Along with expanding possibilities and technical resources, the particular ed-tech firm is supporting the teachers and college students with optimizing solutions that reduce studying costs. The particular tech revolution is providing increased possibilities for classroom learning, such as 24/7 access in order to materials, self-learning solutions along with video lectures, etc .


The pandemic offers led to huge technological interventions in the field of healthcare. Growing research in neuro-scientific medicine is demanding upskilling associated with healthcare professionals to master skills and acquire knowledge to cope with the technical advancements in the field.

The particular forefront health care professionals stood as lifesavers when the pandemic hits the particular world. In such situations, healthcare workers trained in Basic Life Support plus Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support were successfully able to handle critical care units and emergencies.

Over 1 lakh Indian nurses took the initiative to upskill to make themselves available to meet the outbreak requirements in healthcare.


In conclusion, the ed-tech segment has made academic institutes and students rethink the education process inside a much more advanced way than what existed a few years ago.

It really is evident that electronic education solutions have greatly contributed in order to the rise in the ed-tech industry over the past few quarters, providing a win-win situation for educators and learners.

Article by Gerald Jaideep, CEO, Medvarsity

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