‘Dystopian or Innovative’: Netizens divided over Dyson’s latest air purifying headphones – The Indian Express

In today’s world, air and noise pollution have become an all-encompassing problem that are affecting everyone who live in an urban setting.

To tackle this, Dyson, a British multinational tech company, has come up with a unique product: air-purifying headphones. 

Just like its name suggests, the product is a mix of headphones that also gives the wearer purified air to the nose and mouth. According to Dyson’s website, the product, which has been named Dyson Zone, was made after six years of extensive research during which 500 prototypes were made. 

The air purifying headphones offer noise-cancelling features in three different intensities. The air purification feature, which will be powered by two motors placed within the ear covers, will be available in four modes: low, medium, high and auto. This is Dyson’s first ready-to-wear product. 

The Financial Express has reported that the product, whose price has not been revealed by the company, will be available in the market in Autumn 2022, with the exact timelines varying based on the regions. 

The response to the launch of these headphones has been mixed. While many tech enthusiasts are excited by the prospect of having air purifying headphones, many people noted how dystopian and somewhat uncomfortable the product looked. 

Some people also pointed out how the headphones are a “staggeringly bad idea and a significant danger to public health”. It will be interesting to see how the product does after it is launched for use.