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Accenture’s ‘Metaverse Continuum, ‘ Tech Trends and Digitally Enhanced Future

In announcing four top tech trends for 2022, Accenture is imagining digitally enhanced human experiences reshaped by the convergence of physical plus virtual realities and augmented by cutting-edge technology.

The big IT-focused professional services/consulting firm agrees with other prognosticators that the next evolution associated with the internet, called the metaverse , will be a continuum of rapidly emerging capabilities, use cases, technologies in addition to experiences.

But the company goes further, describing a new concept — dubbed the particular “Metaverse Continuum” — as a spectrum regarding digitally improved worlds, facts and business models influenced by new-age technologies like extended reality, blockchain, digital twins and even edge computing.

“The next generation of typically the internet is unfolding together with will drive a new wave involving digital transformation far greater than what we’ve seen to date, transforming the way we all live and work, ” said exec Paul Daugherty. “Our vision connected with the metaverse as a continuum challenges prevailing, narrower views and additionally highlights why organizations must act today, or find themselves operating in worlds designed by, and for, someone else. ”

His comments came as the company announced a brand new Accenture Metaverse Continuum company group along with its new report titled “Accenture Technology Vision 2022, Meet Me in the Metaverse: The Continuum with Technology not to mention Experience Reshaping Business’ inch The report is based on the survey of more than 4, 600 business and also technology leaders across 23 industries in 35 countries.


[Click on image for larger view.] Report Infographic (source: Accenture).

Rather compared to just an IT change, Accenture sees the coming tech-driven changes affecting much more.

“The physical world is coming alive along with new abilities, environment simply by environment, each with the own rules, ” this report says. “We already have small-scale intelligent physical worlds want smart factories, intelligent cruise ships and automated ports. Tomorrow we’ll see these grow into smart neighborhoods, cities and nations, where massive digital twins mirror bodily reality. And purely electronic worlds are expanding as well. Major companies will have their own internal ‘metaverses’ in order to let employees work as well as interact from anywhere. In our free time, new consumer metaverses will transport us to almost any type for world we can imagine, to play games, socialize or relax. ”

Following are descriptions of the 4 technology trends around which the statement is built, along with Accenture’s “bottom line” summaries:

  • WebMe: This refers to often the internet envisioned as a new persistent 3D environment instead of some sort of disparate collection of sites and apps. This environment will have its own sense of place, meaning that, with regard to example, an user could move from work to a good social platform by virtually walking across a street.


    [Click on image for larger view.] WebMe (source: Accenture).

    Bottom line: “Today’s work on the metaverse and Web3 is creating the future of your Internet. Together, they will remove friction between the proliferation of electronic digital platforms and reinvent the exact use about data throughout digital experiences. In the process, they are driving new lines of enterprise, ways of working and opportunities for businesses and people to be able to interact. The particular race for you to define, build and populate a brand new kind of a digital world is on. inches

  • Programmable World: This describes today’s typical software elements like control, customization plus automation being integrated into the actual physical world where people can command — or “program” — things to their very own liking.

  • Programmable World

    [Click on image for larger view.] Programmable Globe (source: Accenture).

    Bottom line: “The arrival of the programmable world will be the sharpest turning point regarding people in addition to businesses within decades. We’re about to help live in environments that can physically transform upon command, that can be customized and even controlled, and that can change faster together with more often than we have ever seen before. very well

  • The Unreal: This will be about machines becoming more human-like, aided by simply tech love AI, and additionally a blurring of what is real or not that, for example , bad actors can take advantage of together with deepfakes, malicious bots not to mention so about.

  • The Unreal

    [Click on image for larger view.] Typically the Unreal (source: Accenture).

    Main point here: “We are already building the unreal world. Yet whether all of us make points better or fall victim to harmful actors is usually yet to be determined. Most likely, we will land somewhere in-between, and that’s why elevating authenticity is definitely so important. Authenticity is the compass that will guide businesses to use AI in a genuine way, by means of considering provenance, policy, people and purpose. Only then will the full benefits in the a fantasy world be realized. micron

  • Computing the particular Impossible: This particular refers to new computational abilities enabled by way of cutting-edge technology like quantum, biologically inspired and high-performance computers.

  • Computing the Impossible

    [Click on image for larger view.] Computing typically the Impossible (source: Accenture).

    Bottom line: “For decades, computers that could efficiently solve this world’s ‘grand challenges’ have been nothing more than theoretical. Nevertheless enterprises can’t afford to think about them within the abstract any longer. They are rapidly improving, and their impact on industries’ most fundamental problems and also parameters may either be an industry-ending event or the biggest opportunity in generations. “

Here are usually some data highlights from the report:

  • 98 percent from executives believe continuous advances in technology are becoming more reliable than economic, political, or even social styles in informing their organization’s long-term strategy.
  • 14 percent of executives report often the pandemic can be continuing in order to disrupt their own organization’s organization plans as well as operations, another 86 % report that their organization has adapted to the disruption of the pandemic and has found a new normal.
  • 71 per cent orchestrate their particular digital strategies. of global executives state that your metaverse will have a positive effect on their very own organizations, using 42 pct believing it will be breakthrough or perhaps transformational.
  • 95 per-cent of worldwide executives think that future digital platforms need to be able to offer unified experiences, enabling interoperability of customers’ information across different platforms and spaces.

“For decades, computer systems that could efficiently solve the world’s ‘grand challenges’ have been nothing more than theoretical concepts, ” the particular report concluded. “But enterprises can’t afford to think about them in typically the abstract any longer. They are rapidly improving, and their impact on industries’ most fundamental problems and parameters can either be an industry-ending event or the biggest opportunity in generations. The ones who start rearchitecting their own industry today, anticipating a future with these machines, will have the best shot at the latter. ”

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